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Retractable Docks

The aluminum retractable seasonal dock is a custom-built dock that is either attached to an existing shoreland glacier or granite stone on the shore front. When stone is not available to work with, a cement anchor pad is installed. These docks are fixed at the shoreline so they can be raised in the fall and lowered in the spring for easy removal and installation. The dock frames are designed and built with a full length hinge pin assembly and plate. All the joints are lapped and welded with cross bracing and gussets making this dock frame one of the strongest seasonal applications made. It is supported by 4×6 pressure treated posting with cross bracing and decked most commonly with red cedar decking.

Since there are many different dock options, give us a call today and let us help you determine the correct dock for your usage and water front needs.

Red Cedar Decking
Cross bracing and gussets

Header assembly

Finished header assembly with full pin hinge plate